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We're Ebert & Mikayla! We film things together, we travel together and we do life together. We like to think that we are a pretty cool duo.

We're like Bonnie & Clyde, but not.

Ebert Steyn Films officially came into being in April 2016. With the closure of aFilms (a former entity of the Aleit Group) Ebert found himself in a position where he needed to decide between finding work with a new company or starting his own. Ebert isn't really an "arrive at work at 09:00 sharp" kind of person so the latter option was far more attractive.


The company has been running for over three years now, we've had many early starts, all nighters, tough times, good times, a couple of mistakes and far too many cups of coffee but we're going strong.


Ebert's journey with film began when he moved to Cape Town for the first time back in 2011. While volunteering at Hillsong Century City, Ebert was introduced to film and media which has been his focus ever since. He has worked with numerous media production companies, on television shows, short films and two feature films of late while honing his skills as a cinematographer.


He's a bit of a coffee snob and has the tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong times but there's never a dull moment. As a cinematographer Ebert shoots, edits and is frequently involved with other projects as a DOP.  He does not do things by the book.




After finishing high school in Singapore, Mikayla moved back to South Africa and began studying with the Aleit Academy. Through the Aleit Group she found herself immersed in the world of weddings, events and design and developed a love for the aesthetics of simplicity. She and Ebert crossed paths while at Aleit and she soon started filming alongside him and joined the company full time mid 2016.


You'll usually find Mikayla in bed, in her plaid (yes, plaid) pajamas with a cup of tea in hand by 21:00. She shoots, edits and handles the admin & social media. She loves design, styling and is passionate about fashion editorials and frequently collaborates  with other creatives in her personal time.  She does things by the book.

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