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We are all about people and value the relationships that we build with our couples. For this reason we will never send another random photographer or cameraman to capture your wedding. It'll be the two of us and you can expect to have a lot of laughs, a few awkward jokes and awesome footage. We aren’t the paparazzi. So we leave the big camera gear at home and try to shoot in a subtle manner as well as respect intimate moments so that you don’t need to worry about having a camera in your face the whole day.


We also believe in authenticity. What does this mean? We will never ask you to pose in a certain way or to give us your “best pout”. We film the day as we see it and aim to capture each moment in its essence. We shoot in a documentary but cinematic style and prefer to just let you do your thing.

Weddings are our thing and we have several different package options starting at ZAR 20 000.00 for video and ZAR 25 000.00 for photo, none of which have an hourly limit. We are based in a Cape Town we do take on several destination weddings a year - who doesn't like to travel? If your wedding is taking place over 60km outside of Cape Town there may be an additional travel fee to cover travel and accommodation costs. Our travel rates are based on the defined AA Rates. Keep scrolling to check out our Wedding FAQ.

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Before the Wedding

I know you're "Ebert Steyn Films", but who are you actually? Who shoots my wedding?

We're Mikayla & Ebert. We're a "real life couple" and we work together. It's a pretty sweet deal for us to work together being in an industry with late hours and we have a good team dynamic going so it works really well - or at least we think it does. We like to think that we are relatively easy going and fun to be around.

We are the company. Just the two of us. We will be the people who you chat to when you first enquire, we will be the people that you meet for coffee and we will be the people who show up to shoot on your wedding day. We like to think of ourselves as a boutique company, specialising in what we do, and being the ones who do the work rather than out-sourcing everything and turning the business into a mean money making machine.

Relationships are extremely important to us which is why we feel it's important that we do the work ourselves, rather than send along a random camera man that you've never met or send off your wedding to be edited by somebody who wasn't actually at the wedding.

The only exception to this rule is if you book both photography and videography packages. In this case, we will bring in one or two trusted second shooters. Mikayla will lead the photography, Ebert the videography and the photos and footage will be edited by one or both of us.

I love your work but don’t like any of your package options - what now?

Our packages are designed on what people would usually like from their wedding. With that being said, everybody is different. We love to shake things up a little and definitely don't have to follow the norms. Just pop us a mail with what you have in mind and we will happily create a custom package for you and brainstorm some fun ideas.

Help! I don't know which package I want?

No stress, you're more than welcome to book a base package and decide at a later stage if you would like to upgrade to another package option. We've recently changed our package layout which makes it easier for you to choose items that are important to you and leave out the rest!

Do you have packages for international / destination weddings?

The short answer: No. Destination weddings have many other costs involved and the amount depends entirely on the location, time of the year, duration etc. For this reason we rather put together a custom quote to meet your specific needs.

Your packages have no hours - How does this work?

We will follow the schedule for the day rather than stay for a set number of hours. This is obviously within reason, we won't be rocking up at sunrise but we also won't be tapping you on the shoulder at precisely 8 hours to say we’re headed home. Bottom line, it doesn't matter if we are there for 8 or 12 hours, our goal is to make sure to that we capture the day in its entirety.

How does payment work?

We require 50% of the full amount to be paid in order to confirm your date. This payment is non-refundable. The remaining 50% is due two weeks prior to the actual wedding day. However with that being said if you are in a tricky spot we are more than happy to work out a payment plan for you - we know weddings are crazy expensive. Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis and we cannot hold dates without the first payment.

Is the contract really that important?

Yes. This is to cover us and to cover you and your booking if not officially confirmed until we receive a signed copy. We're lucky and nothing bad has ever happened, but in the case that something does happen, it's really important.

Can we meet before the day to run through everything?

Yes, definitely. It's actually really important to us so that we get to know you a bit and so that we aren't strangers rocking up on your wedding day - can we say awkward much? We often Skype our overseas couple's but it's always nice to try and meet in person when possible.

I thought you only did video? Is the photography new?

Yes and no - We've been filming wedding videos for years and althought it has always been our main focus, we have on occasion photographed weddings as well. Many couples who enquire have commented that they would have loved the same company to do photo and video for their wedding day, so after much thinking we have decided to add wedding photography to our service offering :)

The Big Day

How does it all work?

We'll arrive while you're getting ready and follow the timeline that has been decided on for the day. What does this mean? It means that we will shoot you getting ready when you actually get ready, not five hours earlier. Mikayla will head to the girls and Ebert to the guys, we'll join up again at the ceremony and follow the day from there.

What gear do you use? I really don't want my wedding to look like film set.

These days it seems that new cameras and accessories come out every other week. Some of this gear is quite bulky which is why we don't use it. We shoot on DSLR sized cameras and keep our gear to a minimum. For the most part you won't even notice that we are there, kind of like a fly on the wall, but not.

There are times when we set up LED lights during the speeches if the venue is super dark. This is purely to ensure that we get the best possible footage for your film, the lights won't kill the vibe and definitely won't be on the entire evening.

We're having a really small wedding, do we still have to use a microphone?

Yes. Even if all of the guests can hear you we still ask that you use one as we record through the sound desk. Therefore, if you don't use the mic we don't get the sound.

I'm not too comfortable in front of the camera, do I have to pose?

Nope. Our main aim is to document the day as it comes. We definitely won't tell you how to pose but rather capture the two of you as you are - this isn't a Vogue cover shoot. Of course we will give some guidance when necessary ( We know being on the other side of the camera can be daunting ) but we keep it light, fun and as authentic as possible. We go with the flow and capture the day as it happens. Generally if you're having fun, then the footage will come out great.

Drone Footage

Drone & Aviation laws in South Africa are pretty strict (for a good reason) and we aren't licensed to fly a drone commercially. What does this mean? It means that we cannot make any money off flying & filming drone footage. With that being said we will bring our drone along and get some footage - we just won't charge you anything for it. Winning right?

As just mentioned drones can be dangerous. For this reason we won't fly the drone if the weather is bad, there is insufficient space or any other reason that we deem to be unsafe. The last thing we would want is for anybody to get hurt and unfortunately it does happen when the right precautions aren't taken.

We have a surprise planned for the day, do we need to tell you?

Yes please! If we don't know what's happening, then we can't prepare accordingly and might miss it - don't worry though, our lips are sealed ;)

Do we have to provide food for you?

Yes please, it’s a long day! Just ask the chef to make a few extra plates for all of the service providers working on the night. Somewhere to sit is also appreciated. Just a table in the corner or the room next door will do.

After the Wedding

How long does it take for me to get my film / photos back?

Our turn around time is around 2 months for photos and between 3 - 4 months for video, especially during season when we often shoot more than one wedding a week. We know that anticipation levels are high but please try and be patient. We pour our heart and soul into our work which is why we don't rush.

Oops you caught my bad side. Can you take that shot out of the video?

Definitely. We will happily make any changes for you in order to give you a product that you are happy with. The first round of changes is complementary, after which an additional editing fee will be charged.

Who chooses the music for the video?

We source our music from online platforms with music that is not only licensed but created specifically for video. We will choose something that we feel works with the vibe of the day but we always confirm that you are happy with the chosen track(s) with you before we start editing. With that being said if you have a specific song in mind that you'd like us to use we'll check it out and see how we can make it work.

We're sorry to have to say this but keep in mind that social media platforms have become stricter with music licensing requirements and often times will remove your film if you do not have licensing for the track - this is going to make it tricky to share with your friends and it's also kind of illegal. To be blunt; don't ask us to use Ed Sherans latest love song because that isn't going to happen.

How do you send me my wedding photos / film?

We upload your wedding photos to an online gallery, so that is easily shared with friends and family. We might also send you a USB depending on which package you booked.

We upload your complete highlight film onto Vimeo, an online video platform, which makes it super easy for you to share with friends and family. If you've chosen a package with the ceremony and speeches we send you a USB with all of these films as these files are pretty big.

I really like "so & so's" wedding film that you did, can you make mine like theirs?

Yes and No. If you do have a particular idea or specific film in mind that you really like please let us know - even if it's not one of ours! We can create something similar for you but ultimately it is going to be different. Why? Because you aren't "so and so". Your wedding film will depict who you are as a couple and carry the essence of your day.

Do you "photoshop" wedding photos?

We're going to say no - We shoot in a documentary style which means that we shoot the day as we see it. We can easily edit out a pimple for you but we aren't going to edit the photo so that you look 10kg less ;)